Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Becoming an Author Online

I know it has been a while since I have been on here and wrote on my blog. I hope you didn't miss me too much. I have been very busy working on different things but i wanted to touch base with you all about what I have been doing.

I have joined a few more sites. These sites are freelancing sites. On the freelancing sites you build yourself a profile and upload your recent work, such as articles and ebooks or websites you have designed.

I am an article writer and have actually sold a few articles lately. There is a huge demand for writers on the internet and if you have skill in that area it is very easy to get jobs online and make money.

One of my favorite sites that I have joined recently is Elance.com. On Elance you bid for jobs and if an employer likes your proposal they will be in touch with you about working for them. Some of the jobs don't pay as well as the others BUT you have to build your portfolio, so accepting small jobs will eventually lead to bigger jobs that pay better. Elance is not just for writers. Elance is free.

The other site I enjoy using is Guru.com. Guru is very similar to Elance but the pay is less. You are able to upload articles and ebooks that your have written so that prospective employers can see your work samples and it makes the decision to hire you much easier on them. You do the same as on Elance and fill out a proposal for the job. Guru offers other jobs as well, like web design and marketing. Guru has a free member platform as well as a paid.

There are two other sites for authors that I have recently joined also, they are constant-content.com and contentauthority.com. Both of these sites are strictly for authors and people looking for content for their website or blog. You can find a never ending suppy of jobs.

I personally recommend using Elance.com or Guru.com. They are easy to use and well known. Also payment is put into an escrow so your guaranteed to get paid.

I came across a site the other day that will publish work from good writers, you don't get paid but it helps you gain experience, build your publishing portfolio and even get clients. This site is selfgrowth.com. I highly recommend that you join and submit a few articles, videos etc...make your name a known name in the writing industry. 

I have to get going to go and complete a job that I have. I got hired on Elance yesterday and I am so excited, once other employers see that I have job experience outside of what I have published I will be getting more jobs.

I wish you luck and remember, to make money online you need to be persistent and patient!