Friday, August 23, 2013

~My Life And Yours~ Can You Relate?

I have been ignoring this blog for quite some time, not intentionally of course, but I have another blog I have been putting my time into. I would love it if everyone who stops and checks out this one would take  a moment to check out my other blog. Although this blog is much more detailed and business related, the other one is more personal and I think you will get to know me much better through the following one.

~My Life and Yours~ Can You Relate?

Please take a few minutes to read the posts I have made, take the time to get to know me on a personal level and comment please!! I respond to ALL of the comments. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

~A Bit About Me~

Hello Everyone,

My name is Margo Johnson, I am a mother of three wonderful children ages 14, 12 and 10 and I am engaged to the most wonderfully supportive man. 

I am a native Vermonter and I would have to say I love it here, except for the fact that two days ago we had barely any snow left and it was as if we were headed into mud season. Now, today, we have a little over a foot of fresh snow. It looks like the first snow fall of winter all over again. Pretty, but sad. I was ready for the smell of spring in the air and fresh cut grass. 

I have been searching online for about a year now, for ways to make money. And I have, made money I mean, a little here, a little there, But far from enough to even come close to paying my bills, much less call it an income, 

During my year online I came across a lot different opportunities, some promised me 'riches overnight', others said that I could start earning 'Ten minutes from now' and still others said I would be making '$20 to $80 over and over again all day long on auto pilot while doing no work'.

 I also came across some opportunities that were about 80% honest, telling me I would have to work for it, but leaving out the fact that after my initial investment of $47 or $97 or even $197, in order to start making money I would need to invest another $297 or some other crazy amount to get what I needed to LEARN to understand what I NEEDED to do, so that I could implement it to make the money. (I hope that's not too confusing..LOL)

Many times I came across 'opportunities', and I use that word lightly, that left out more then what they gave me. I had no idea of how to make the money. I heard things about SEO, Article Marketing, Google Adsense,  Social Media, uplines, downlines, MLM and network marketing, but I had no idea what any of this really was. No one explained any of it to me.

I ended up spending $100's of dollars on things that never worked. I have over $1000's worth of e-books, software and programs on my computer that most of them I have never used, or after buying them I was told I needed a license number for them and never received it.

During all of this, I started writing. Blogs and reviews became an every day 'job' in themselves.

About three weeks ago I had posted a talent for sale on Apsense, a business social media platform. A connection of mine bought my talent, "Write an Article, topic of your choice". After I completed the job for him, he commented and said "Margo writes beautifully, and did an amazing job, she doesn't charge as much as she should. I recommend that everyone in our Apsense family use her services". From that point on, I decided that I was going to find a way to make money online, as a writer!

I have always had a passion for writing, I have always been told I was great at it. So that's it, I am now starting my own freelance writing business. What better way is there to earn money? I am doing what I am good at and better yet I am doing something I LOVE!

Since the sale of that first article, I sold another to that gentleman, got hired for three jobs on Elance, one of which was an 1800 word article, another is still in progress but I have already wrote six articles, 500 words each for the client and she still has about ten more for me to write, and the third job I got hired for is 10 pages, 500 words each, for $10 a page. That job starts once I have completed the one in progress.

I also have three articles published on! I am so excited. This is just the beginning and my career is taking off.

I hope to be able to both educate and enlighten you through my posts. I hope to also keep them entertaining. I promise to keep them 100% honest and factual. I will make it my point to let you know different aspects of opportunities that the people trying to get you to become a part of, will tend to leave out.

I am going to say that I do not think people lie on purpose, for the most part anyway, but I do believe that they leave things out because they are afraid you won't join them. I believe though that if they want others to join, if they are honest, there is a better chance that if you join. You will also stay at it and in most cases you will become successful with it, and in turn that helps with their success. So, I guess I am saying, if they want success, they need to be upfront and honest.

I would appreciate it if you have any questions or comments if you leave them. I promise I will get back to you. 

If you have something to say, that you don't want to post publicly feel free to email me.

Also I am looking to take on new clients all the time, so if you are looking for content for your website or blog, need help writing an e-book, want a book, article or website proofread or edited please send me an email with what you need. I am going to be posting links to some of my work below. So review them and if you are still considering hiring me, I will reply to your email and we can either hash it out via email or we can have a phone conversation to work out the details.

To my readers: I hope to help you achieve your dream, whether it be writing or another career.
To my potential clients: I can't wait to work with you so please feel free to contact me whenever is convenient for you!!

Links to my published articles (variety of topics)

Links to two of the articles I sold:

I wish you nothing but happiness and success!! :)

Margo D. Johnson
Author, Blogger, Editor and Affiliate
Email Address: 
***Please put 'Earn Living Online' in subject line so i don't overlook your email***

Also Check out my other blog @

Monday, April 15, 2013

~Inside My Life~

  ~ Inside My life ~

My life isn’t even my own,
I give and give and give,
My heart, my soul,
There is nothing left for myself.

It is a vicious cycle,
One that no one should ever have to live,
I wake up, only to realize that there is no one.

Empty air is the only sound,
That and the never ending sound of my heart
As it shatters.

While I sleep, I dream.
I dream of a life that I lived once,
Not so very long ago.
A life where I mattered,
Where my thoughts were taken seriously,
And my feelings respected,
Only to awaken to the awful truth.

I am ALONE!?!

The feelings of rejection cut deeply,
The words I want to say but can’t allow myself to speak,
The knowledge that I will never be,
The truth lies in my mind
And in my shattered heart, but I can’t accept it.

I live everyday fighting myself,
Fighting to pretend that I am loved,
That I matter to someone,
That I am important to the ones I love.

I live inside my head,
With thoughts that would scare anyone else,
I cover it up with a smile,
A smile that is nothing but a HUGE lie.

I am holding on,
Grasping at straws,
Straws that are not even there,
Hoping that someday I will actually make contact.

If it was allowed,
I would scream,
Scream so loud that maybe, just maybe,…
Someone would listen,
And finally hear me.

I am always crying out,
But honestly it is pointless,
No one hears me,
No one wants to hear me.
That is the truth.

Even when I say how I feel,
No one listens,
No one cares.

I have lived my entire life being a nothing,
I will continue to live the rest of my life the same way,
As long as I accept it,
And honestly I have no other choice.

If I stand up for myself,
Say how I really feel,
Be myself,
Then all is a failure.

I ask myself all the time,
Why am I so unlovable?
What do I do so wrong?
Why won’t anyone listen to me?
Am I NOT screaming loud enough?
Are my cries drowning in the sound of the breeze?

I have a dream,
I dream of a day when all negativity leaves,
A day when I can wear the beautiful dress,
And marry the man of my dreams.

I have a dream of a day when my cries are heard!

When someone realizes that I have been crying,
Crying all along,
Waiting to be heard,
Waiting to be seen,
A day when I am really finally loved.

I want someone to see inside my head,
To think what I do,
To feel what I feel,
To understand me.

I remember growing up feeling exactly like I do now,
Empty, like no one cares,
Or understands
Or listens.
Scared, like I am all alone
And will always be.
Alone, a feeling that has never gone away.
I feel like I am dying.

I thought that my family,
My kids and my lover would make it all better,
That they would understand me,
Listen and respect me.
I was wrong.

Today, I feel the same,
I am ashamed of who I am
And wish I was who I am supposed to be
In the eyes of the ones I love,
But truthfully,
 I am worthless,
Terrifying and useless.

I am alone.
With my thoughts,
With feelings and words
That I can’t even say,
And don’t have the right to feel.
And always will be.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Writing For Experience Helps You Make Money

Recently I talked about using Elance as a freelancing platform for writing to earn money online. Today I am going to discuss another method of writing that will help you sell yourself on Elance.

Being published, even if it is only one article, will help the employers on freelance sites like Elance with their decision to hire you. If you don't already have a portfolio already, then now is the time to start building one. 

I highly recommend signing up for You won't get paid for the articles you submit there, but it will help you understand the submission process and build your confidence as a writer when you receive emails saying that they have published your articles.

This is one of my articles that I have had published there.I have a couple others also.

The best part of having published work is that I have a place to send potential employers and private clients, so they can view my writing style, skill and how good or bad at writing I am. 

Also you build a network on, and you are able to advertise for private clients, which can expand your client base and grow your bank account.

You’ll receive free bonus self improvement e-books and/or audio downloads just for signing up! At you’ll find articles, videos, website directories, a calendar of upcoming events, a store, and more – all dedicated to helping you improve your life in whatever area you wish.

Moreover, your free account lets you make an interactive experience, where you can submit your own content, chat live with others, even create an “expert page” about yourself and your business! Expand your online presence, promote your products and services to the largest self improvement audience on the web, and network with other top experts in a variety of fields.

I hope to see you join and see what it can do to help you grow yourself and your business as a freelance writer!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Freelance Writer's Earning an Online Income

There are many options for freelance writers to earn a decent honest income online, doing what you love.You won't earn an income instantly, but over a course of a short period of time, you will gain more clients, get more writing jobs and before you know it your making a good income.

I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to earning money as a writer over the next few days. Everyday I will write about a different way for you to start earning. The one thing you need to remember is that in order to make money you have to work. 

Being a writer takes patience and the ability to write, and write well. Anyone can write, but the quality of your writing is what is going to sell your articles and make you money. 

You are going to want to sign up for Elance. The first thing you want to do after you sign up is verify your account through the email that they send to you. After your account is verified, log in and start working on your profile.  Make sure that you sell yourself well. Don't add too many links to your profile but do add a link to a website that you have a published article, blog or e-book posted on. A great place for you to publish your work, for experience and to use to retain work and gain clients is (look me up once your there) Selfgrowth allows you to make a profile and submit articles, about 24 to 48 hours later your article will be published. Use these articles as a work sample and to brand yourself as an author, journalist and experienced writer. Another great tip: HAVE YOUR OWN BLOG! ( like this one) Keep it updated and link it to your profiles on selfgrowth and Elance and any other sites your a part of.

Be very detailed about your skills. If you can write articles, blog posts, reviews, e-books, sales copy, etc make sure that you include all of that. Elance will send you your job recommendations daily based on your skills. 

Check your emails when you get them and check the job opportunities frequently ( a few times a day). If you find a job your interested in, and believe that you can do well, then write a proposal and submit it. Your proposal is very important, so make sure it stands out, add any links to your blogs and published articles in this proposal. When trying to figure out your rate of pay for the job, look at the average proposal rate, the high and the low, then think about how much time it is going to take you to complete it. Do not low-ball yourself, this may mean you won't get all the jobs you want but if someone wants quality writing then they are going to pay for it. 

Once your proposal has been submitted, it may take a few days to get accepted if you do. Don't let it get to you if you get denied, just keep submitting proposals. You will get a job. 

I personally submitted over 20 proposals before I got an acceptance. Once I got my first job, within 24 hours after I received 2 more jobs. So in about 48 hours I was hired for $150 worth of work.

Keeping in touch with the employer is very important. Make sure you can handle being critiqued and that you can meet deadlines. Not all of the jobs have deadlines but that doesn't mean that you want to put it off until the last minute.

Make sure you know EXACTLY what the employer wants because some of the jobs are vague, so get all of the details you can.

Once you have written the article, blog or whatever you were hired to do, run it through, this will allow you to make sure your work is original, so there are no issues. You want all content to be original, unless the employer says otherwise (which is rare)

After the job is complete make sure you go to Elance and check job completed so that you can get paid. After you do this and the employer does this, Elance will release your money to your paypal account. 

You can work on as many jobs as you can handle at a time, but do not place all of your eggs in one basket. Sign up to as many freelance writing sites as you can handle. The more sites your signed up to the more money you can make.

I wish you luck and much success!! ~JOIN TODAY~ It's FREE TO JOIN AND WORK FROM!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Becoming an Author Online

I know it has been a while since I have been on here and wrote on my blog. I hope you didn't miss me too much. I have been very busy working on different things but i wanted to touch base with you all about what I have been doing.

I have joined a few more sites. These sites are freelancing sites. On the freelancing sites you build yourself a profile and upload your recent work, such as articles and ebooks or websites you have designed.

I am an article writer and have actually sold a few articles lately. There is a huge demand for writers on the internet and if you have skill in that area it is very easy to get jobs online and make money.

One of my favorite sites that I have joined recently is On Elance you bid for jobs and if an employer likes your proposal they will be in touch with you about working for them. Some of the jobs don't pay as well as the others BUT you have to build your portfolio, so accepting small jobs will eventually lead to bigger jobs that pay better. Elance is not just for writers. Elance is free.

The other site I enjoy using is Guru is very similar to Elance but the pay is less. You are able to upload articles and ebooks that your have written so that prospective employers can see your work samples and it makes the decision to hire you much easier on them. You do the same as on Elance and fill out a proposal for the job. Guru offers other jobs as well, like web design and marketing. Guru has a free member platform as well as a paid.

There are two other sites for authors that I have recently joined also, they are and Both of these sites are strictly for authors and people looking for content for their website or blog. You can find a never ending suppy of jobs.

I personally recommend using or They are easy to use and well known. Also payment is put into an escrow so your guaranteed to get paid.

I came across a site the other day that will publish work from good writers, you don't get paid but it helps you gain experience, build your publishing portfolio and even get clients. This site is I highly recommend that you join and submit a few articles, videos etc...make your name a known name in the writing industry. 

I have to get going to go and complete a job that I have. I got hired on Elance yesterday and I am so excited, once other employers see that I have job experience outside of what I have published I will be getting more jobs.

I wish you luck and remember, to make money online you need to be persistent and patient!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do You Want To Have Your Own Online Mall?

I own an online mall or shopping center. Margo's Online Deal's! It has 40 of the TOP online stores in it ranging from Sears to Claire's, even GameStop. There is so much to offer to people that want to buy online. Every store offers discount coupons on shipping or on your total order. I receive a commission anywhere from 9% to 45% from the sales that I get. Each store pays me different amount of commission. This is a life time business and it does cost money. I paid $199.00 for my mall! But they do all the work from building the site for me, getting the stores, and lifetime hosting. I get paid once a month.

Owning your own store online is a great idea especially since mostly everyone shops online these days and by shopping online they save a TON of money, not just because they don't have to spend gas but also there is less wear and tear on their vehicle and they get much better discounts by shopping online.

The catagories that I sell in are Top Deals, Fashion, Children's Clothing, Electronics, Music, Home and Garden, Health and Beauty, TRAVEL, Kids Toys and Much More!!

If your interested in buying your own store you can go to (I do NOT receive ANY MONEY for sending you to them!!!!)

If you would like to go shopping and you want the best deals around then you came to the right place. This is definitely "YOUR ONE STOP SHOP"!!! Go to MARGO'S ONLINE DEALS TODAY!!!!!

I thank you in advance:)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Help Me By Letting Me Help You!!

Everyday seems more and more lonely, I feel more isolated from the real world, more withdrawn into myself. Maybe it's not healthy to be like this but I have to remember my goals. If I am ever going to be making the kind of money I deserve then I have to focus. I have to have the right frame of mind and and surround myself with people who have the same mindset and if I can't find others that are near that are searching for what I am then I would rather be alone, working on my goals. 

I will reach them, whether I have the support I need or not. I will reach them because I won't quit now, I won't let anyone get me down. I will reach them because I will leave myself no other choice.

One of my goals is to learn as much as I can about every aspect of working online, MLM, Home Based Business, Selling, Blogging, SEO, you name it and I will learn it all. I will learn all of it and know how to do everything so that I can teach others. One of my goals is to help others, and that goal is one I work on everyday. It might be something as small as telling someone to join Apsense, a social media site that is for people that want to start their own business or have their own business or just work online. Apsense gives you the tools you need to succeed such as surrounding yourself with people that will help you, that can guide you. Tools to help you promote your business like the ability to write articles that actually will get read, the ability to make a business center,..this is free to join and you benefit so much.

Another goal that I have that I work on everyday is my personal business with SFI (Strong Futures International). They provide you the training, marketing, tools and support and will never cost you anything. They are the only home business that I know of that will always be 100% FREE and that you can really make 5, 6 and 7 figure income with. They are a long term business, definitely not a 'Get rich quick' scheme and they never do or say anything that they can't keep their word about. They provide 6 different ways for you to earn. Succeeding with SFI is easy as long as you want success.

I would have to say that my number one goal would be helping others though. I do want money and I am on my way to success, but I want to help other to be where I am going to be in 24 months. I want to teach them about a program that is helping me. A program that I promise WILL change their entire lives. Profitable Sunrise is that program, and you can start with as little or as much as you want. The minimum is $10. This is a way of turning your life around in as little as 170 days (depending on how much you can afford to invest) For me, It is going to take 24 months, I could only invest $10 but in less then 24 months I want to be able to sponsor people monetarily, for now though I will have to stick to introducing them to the program and being the one who lead them to a place that changes everything in their life. (See my blog father down the page about Reaching for the Stars)

I want to help everyone reach their goals, so could you all do me a favor and help me reach mine by allowing me to help you?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Your A to Z of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Are you expecting? Do you know someone who it? You are going to have a lot of questions and you can get all of your answers In this e-book "Your A to Z of Pregnancy and Childbirth". 

With 14 complete chapters, that cover everything from what to expect each trimester to what Folic Acid is and why it is important to you and your baby during pregnancy, nothing is left out!

For access to buy this book just click on the title above (thats the link) or click "Margodae's Online Deal's" to the right of this post and go purchase it today!!

You will save hundreds of dollars compared to what you would spend otherwise and this is ten times as informative as "What to expect when your expecting" and a tenth of the cost!!

So have a happy, healthy pregnancy and childbirth with NO surprises!

Purchase this book today!!!

              "Your A to Z of Pregnancy and Childbirth"

Cheap Outsourcing for Internet Marketers

If you are looking for a way to make some easy money check out RU Outsourcing It!! Quick Jobs and easy money! Also if your looking for People to complete your jobs for you POST them at RU OUTSOURCING IT!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Would You Be Interested In Being an Amazon Associate?

There are many different affiliate programs that you can be a part of on the internet. You can be an affiliate for Clickbank, or Paydotcom, or Payspree or virtually ANYTHING! Just about any person or company that sells a product or a service online has an affiliate program. 

A very common and quite lucrative program to be involved in is Amazon. With Amazon you become an associate and they provide you with all the tools you need to promote them. You get banners, widgets for your websites and blogs and you even have access to have up to 100 aStore's that you can name and promote. These aStores can all have different items in them and you set up how they are configures. You can embed them into your website or just link them to your website as a stand alone store. The products you would be promoting are everyday things like clothing, phones, music, electronics, and more. and your store can be just a music store, or just a clothing store, but whatever the customer who goes through your store buys, even if it isn't an item in your store, you get paid for because they went through your link to get there.

As an amazon associate you have many different things you can promote and a couple different programs that as an associate you are eligible for. As I said above you can have an aStore, but you can also just promote specific items by putting links on your page or website, or blog.

You can also be what they call an Amazon Supply Associate, as an amazon supply agent you would earn 8% to 15% on referrals to and you would be referring business's and consumers to products like lab and scientific supplies, metalworking tools, measurment and inspection tools, raw materials, fastners and more. The brands you would be promoting are 3M, WD-40, Go-Jo, Wheaton and hundreds more. 

Another bonus of being an Amazon associate is that you can also implement the amazon wireless program into your business. Amazon associates can earn up to $50 PER REFERRAL to Amazon wireless sells products such as Blackberry's HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson (and more)with service plans from the four major carriers; Sprint, At&t, T-Mobile and Verizon, they also offer incentives to the shopper such as two day shipping.

To become an Amazon Associate just go to and click on the associates link. Once you apply it may take a day or so for your approval, keep in mind that they would really rather you have your own site or blog, but making a facebook page or group will work as well, once you have your acceptance you can do whatever you like and you can even have your astores, so there is really no need for a bunch of other sites, BUT the more you have the more money you will make.  

As long as you promote your links and/or aStore you should be able to make money pretty quickly with Amazon as they are one og the biggest ecomerce sites on the internet.

Good Luck and Happy Selling:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Review Of Triond And A Suggestion For Those Looking To Make Money.

Yesterday I spent many hours submitting articles on a publishing site called Triond.
Triond is one of the many publishing sites that allows you to publish original work and get paid a fee.
They have many rules around publishing the articles. One of the rules, that they are very strict about, is duplicate articles. Duplicate articles are any article or blog that you may have posted prior on any web site, even if the website or blog was your personal site. (Triond TOS)
I got rather frustrated, as every time I submitted an article, within a matter of a millisecond my article was declined. Instantly!
There wasn’t any time for anyone, not even a robotic editor, to actually read my articles.
The following is what I got for a response as my article went from ‘submit’ straight to ‘declined’, again within a millisecond.
“The article that you have submitted does not contain a sufficient level of writing quality for publication on our sites. We do not have an appropriate location for your article and will not be able to publish it.” (
I started to get very upset and went looking for answers. I wanted to figure out how they decided whether or not an article is written in a quality that is meant for publication on one of their many websites without them reviewing the article first.
My first step in getting an answer to why my quality, original work, was being declined without so much as the proper read through, was the ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page.
Upon entering the contact us page I was presented with a box, or actually set of boxes, with the words ‘IDEA’, ‘QUESTION’, ‘PROBLEM’ and ‘PRAISE’ across the top.
The first box simply states “Describe your question”, and as I typed in my question a bunch of suggestions started to fill the bottom of the page. And I was asked if I found the answer to my question down below. I clicked No and continued to fill out the boxes. The second box that asks you to ” Sum it up with a short title”, I simply stated “Why are my articles being declined?”, And then, there’s yet another box asking to “add more detail” at this point I hit continue and was brought to another page where I received a simple reply “Thanks for the Feedback!”
I’m still waiting for their e-mail response my question.
I’m so glad that on the last page they make a suggestion that you can either A) check out the question you posted or B) see what other customers are talking about in the Triond community. Of course at this point I was frustrated and quite intrigued with the other community members had to say about Triond.
As soon as I got to the page I was absolutely blown away, questions like “why can I login?” or “how does my revenue even work?”, with the first things I saw and that was under frequently asked question. But being me, I wanted to check out the common problems section, LOL. The very first common problem listed was “Immediately declining all articles for level of writing quality.” That was followed with 115 replies the last one being from the moderator of the group.
It seemed that many people are having the same exact issue and the only thing that the moderator or employee as he calls himself said and I quote ” Please start a new thread.” Or, “Please start a new thread in which you state your issue and username and do not hijack other people’s the threads.Thank you.” This continued to go on for every single complaint that I read throughout the entire forum. Never once did it seem like anything was actually being dealt with.
Other members were discussing this amongst themselves and discussed nothing but their dissatisfaction with Triond and the method that Triond uses to resolve any internal issues.
The majority of the threads in the forum that were posted were either regarding instantaneous deletion of quality, unduplicated, completely original writing, or lack of payment and reasons behind it.
The lack of payment from Triond definitely seem to be the second largest issue amongst the authors/members. Many of the members haven’t received payment for six months are more and those that have received payment have noticed a huge decline in their commission that they’re being told from Triond comes from Apsense. The average amount that the members are being paid is 1¢ for every 1000 views. In one of the discussions, a member stated that he had over 130,000 views and had made 32¢ to for his commission payment that entire month.
It is quite obvious that over time Triond has lost much of the respect they had gained from its members.
How is anyone supposed to make any money or build a portfolio of their writing if everything they write is either declined or they receive such a minuscule amount of pay for their hard work?
I took it upon myself to comment on a few of the forms threads, letting people know that the blame and lack of pay was not on the shoulders of Adsense. As I stated in an earlier blog, Adsense pays quite well with the proper keywords and page design. I made sure to mention this because it seems as though Triond was blaming the huge decline in pay to the members on Adsense. They stated that Adsense wasn’t paying as well per click and that the reason behind that had to do with the quality writing coming from the members of Triond, so because of this they have had to switch to pay per view.
I’ve yet to receive a reply to my question that I posted yesterday, and it’s been over 24 hours. I am quite curious what their reasoning will be for the denial or should I say declination of my articles.
Once I was done reading through over 60 pages of complaints or problems all based around lack of pay and declined articles I decided to read an e-books that I have. This E book is called “Jobs At Home Revealed”. I have all PLR and MRR rights to this ebook and am willing to give the ebook to any one of my readers that would like it. I highly recommend reading it.
If you’re looking for a way to really make some honest money then this book will show you where you can do that.
“Jobs At Home Revealed” discusses many different types of jobs that are legitimate and if ranges from the virtual assistant jobs, freelance jobs, to paid writing jobs. I took the time last night to actually go through the entire ebook, and checked out all of the links that were in this ebook. They really are all legitimate, verifiable money-making opportunities for anyone regardless of age, race, religion or background. The recommendations made are recommendations that I myself am actually going to follow.
One of the places they recommended that a person go to if they’re interested in being paid to write is Digital Journal is always looking for quality writers who are willing to cover news stories and many other topics. You would be paid on a performance based revenue sharing system.
Now these are only a very very few of the different options for you to check into. They also list forums that you can be paid to write for, blogging platforms that pay and they specify top paying companies that offer blog based projects and tasks. One of the top companies they listed is Smorty. Smorty pays $6.00 per post and an increase in your payment as the popularity of your blog grows. So if you are to write five, quality blogs per day, you would make $30.00 in the very beginning and as time goes on and traffic increases you will receive more pay. I think anybody could post five blogs in a day easily. I’m sure there are words limits as they can’t just pay you $6.00 to post 200 words, but if you have a couple hours to spare throughout the day you could easily make some money.
I did not write this to completely deter people from joining Triond, but my intention was to make sure that you are quite aware of what you’re getting into before you do it. Before you join anything do yourself the due diligence of research, know exactly what you’re going to be paid before you start.
Again as I stated above, I am willing to give any of my readers the ebook ” Jobs At Home Revealed” if you would like it, as I really think that the benefit to many is great. There are more than 30 different legitimate ways to earn money listed in this book and they’re not all writing.
If you’re interested in receiving this ebook pleased comment with your name and e-mail address or send me an e-mail at and make sure that you put in a subject line exactly what you’re looking for as I get many emails daily. I promise I will not spam you.
As always, if you have any comments or questions, please post them and I will do the best I can to get back to you promptly. Have a wonderful day.

Are You Interested In Blogging?

If your interested in blogging, whether its for money, to provide others with honest information or just for fun, there is a lot you should know. Here is a recommended read for you: Essential Blogging by Doctorow, Cory/ Powers, Shelley/ Trott, Mena G.

First of all, have more then one blog, and if you have an article that you have submitted to your blog that you are passionate about, make sure you have it saved as a file on your computer or in another blog some where.

And another tip, if you can afford it, have a self hosted blog! It doesn't cost that much BUT I know personally it isn't always easy to factor in another expense, so if you need to have a free blog, make sure you back everything up.

I decided to write about this because I did have another blog, until last night that is, when it was unexpectedly deactivated! And without just cause!

I had received a comment on a blog I had wrote from a woman who wanted to know if it was hard and time consuming to run a blog that was an "excellent website" (her words) like mine. She appreciated all of the honest reviews of the business opportunities and like many others had bookmarked my blog to come back at a later date and she had been following it by email. (keep in mind my blog was 2 weeks old!)

I decided to write the next blog in reply to her query and since that has been deleted I figured that I would write a similar one here, maybe she will find it. If not then I hope someone else can use the tips I give.

The first thing I had discussed was that No, I don't think it's hard to run a good blog, as I just keep myself limited to two or three blogs, and I try to submit to them all a few times a week, more if my readers request it. I also think that it is very important to reply to ALL of the comments from my readers, being a part of an interactive blog is very important to the author and the readers alike. I personally appreciate it when readers give me their in-site and ask questions because then I have more to write about and I know this way they will come back.

If you are just starting out I would suggest checking out many different blogging sites and picking a few that fit your taste and your needs, such as whether or not you can post video's or banners if you'd like, and if you plan on trying to monetize the blog you need to make sure that you are allowed to. So, whatever blog sites you sign up to, make sure you read the TOS. (terms of service)

A few blog sites that I personally recommend are:

Keep in mind there are MANY more then this, and some will allow you to have a free website along with the blog, and a free sub-domain. BUT if you do this MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKUP OR YOU CAN LOSE EVERYTHING FOR NO REASON AT THE BLINK OF AN EYE!

My three favorites (besides Blogger) are,..with webs you can have a blog and UNLIMITED FREE websites, Another is Weebly, you get your blog and two free websites, and where you get a free website and blog,..oh and I can not forget! You get one free website OR free blog with them and I have had pretty good luck with them. (Check out my pages tab on the right, and there is a link to my wix site) All of these sites are VERY easy to set up, there is no need for computer knowledge
like HTML or coding.

Once you establish your blog or whenever you are confident with your writing, you can submit some of your blogs or articles to document sharing sites such as:
Ezine Articles
Articles Base
GO articles
Article Alley
Article Dashboard
Article Click

Sharing your blog or any website with social media sites is very important these days and there are so many of them, you are sure to get people to your blog with this method. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter,digg, delicious, tumblr,..the list is never ending honestly.

If you are blogging for money the first recommendation I have for you is Google Adsense! If you follow their rules and do as they say and are smart about picking your keywords (less niche based, and more about word popularity) you can make really good money with them. There are a few other ways to monetize you blog, remember, READ THE TOS FIRST but here are a very few of the other ways you can do this:

I hope this blog is helpful for some of you and I really hope that they don't deactivate my blog like the other blog site did. Apparently they didn't like me writing about where you can blog and how to do it, even though their name is the first in my list:)

Please subscribe to my blog by email (top right hand corner) for instant updates!

Happy Blogging!!

Blogging for Dummies By Gardner, Susannah/ Birley, Shane

**If you click on any links in any of my blogs, I have to tell you honestly, there is a good chance that I will earn a commission on most of them. Not all of them are links I earn with but a good  amount of them are, and I am required by law to tell you this. although to be honest I would have told you anyways:)**

Freelance Job Openings : Hire a Freelancer!

Freelance Job Openings : Hire a Freelancer!

If your looking for work, or need some fast money check this out!!

They don't accept scams, or low paying offers so your guaranteed to make some good money:)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Did You Know You Could Build Your Own Online Store For Free!

Written By: Margo Johnson

Have you ever had a dream of owning your own store? Maybe you have a passion for selling but the cost of owning a “brick and mortar” business is too much and you didn’t know where you were going to get your products to sell.

What if I told you that there is a way for you to start your own e-commerce business with ZERO cost? Would you jump on the opportunity?

 ~How to start your own e-commerce business with Zero cost.~ 
Internet Marketing & e-Commerce By Hanson, Ward A./ Kalyanam, Kirthi

If you are interested in starting your own store online then I highly recommend going to and signing up. It is completely free to join and you can list an unlimited amount of items for sale. The process is simple, you join the company, confirm through email and then start building your store. They provide you with everything you need.

 ~How To Set Up Your Store.~ 

After you confirm that you’re the one that signed up for an account with Web store, you log in. Once your logged in, you want to make sure you fill out your profile and then go to the “My Store” tab. The website has it broke down into pages for you and you start by naming your store.

Then you just very simply go through the different pages and fill in the information it asks for. It is the absolute most simple process I have come across yet. The very last page that you set up is your store “Rules”. This is probably the hardest part to do, only because you want to make sure you cover things like refund policies, and the rules for your auctions, such as how long a winner of an item has to pay for the item, before the item gets reenlisted. Once this is done, the hard part of “building” your store is done.

 ~Adding Items For Auction Or Sale~

 This has got to be the easiest platform for adding your items that I have ever come across. You click on the “Selling/Sold” tab and then choose “Easy List” or “Advanced List”. You give your item a title, then pick a condition such as “New” or “Used” and then add a description, make sure to be honest with your customers, because if there is something wrong with an item that doesn’t mean they won’t buy it, BUT you will have problems if they do and you were not honest about the condition. Make sure you add pictures because that makes for much easier sales.

 After that’s done you decide whether you want to sell the item at a “fixed price” or “send to auction”, then add a price, add shipping amount and conditions, such as where you will or won’t ship to and click “List”. Your Done! You just listed your first item! Now rinse and repeat! Just keep following those steps until you have all of your items listed.

 ~Fixed Price And Auction~ 

 You can sell your items at a “Fixed Price”, which is where the customer pays what you want, or you can “sell at auction”. I recommend selling at auction BUT also setting what is called a “BUY NOW” price. Doing it this way, you will set a starting price for the auction (set the starting price for your absolute bottom dollar that you are willing to accept, on the item) and then you will set a price for the customer to buy the item now which is the “BUY NOW” price I mentioned.

 Some people don’t want to wait to see if they can “win” the item and would rather pay the buy now price then to take the chance that it will cost them more, and if others are bidding on it and someone comes along that just has to have the item,then there’s a great chance you will get your asking price. That’s what you want really anyway isn’t it?
Gale E-Commerce Sourcebook By Gale (COR)

 ~What If You Don’t Have Your Own Products?~

 If you don’t have your own products there are many different places online that you can go to get your products. This is called Drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is a great way to make money But keep in mind that you won’t always make BIG money on each item with this method, but because chances are there is more than one of each product you can make that same amount over and over, sale after sale.

There are quite a few different drop-shippers that you can use, almost all of them are a monthly cost to you. I found one that allows you to sell over 40,000 of their items for free.

All you do is sell the item, pay them for it and keep the profit. If you’re a beginner or have limited finances then this is the route I recommend that you take. You sign up for a free account at

 Make sure you already have your store set up because it is going to ask the URL of where you are going to sell their products. Once your sign up is complete you have access to over 40,000 items. Start listing their items in your store and start advertising. Getting people to see your store is going to be the key to selling.

 ~What if you want to sell more items~ 

If you want to sell more items than I recommend doing one of two things or even both of these things. Once you have your account with product sourcing you can list the items in your free Web store But, you can also list you items at eBay and sell them there too. I recommend doing this but keep in mind that eBay has a listing fee for the items. You also have another option with Product Sourcing and that is paying a monthly fee of $35.95 so that you have full access to all of their products which is over 1,000,000 items.

 So I would recommend that once you get to a point financially that you upgrade but until then 40,000+ items should be enough to start you off on the right foot. There are more drop-shippers then just product sourcing, and searching google for the best deal is always a great idea.

The reason I recommend using product sourcing is because you can start making money with absolutely no cost to you. Setting up a free store and using items that are free to list is perfect for the beginner, and definitely a great way to start making some good money.

Keep in mind that you won’t get rich over night but you will make money.

I started my web store for free two nights ago, I signed up for an account at product sourcing for free, and I have an account with eBay also.

Last night I got an email, I had made my first sale!! After months and months trying to make money online I finally made my first $24.95!! No it’s not $100 BUT it is a start and it gives me the motivation to keep at it. It gives me more reason to not give up. If you’re struggling to make money, like I have been, if your eager to make your first $1 online, then don’t wait any longer!

Build your own store and sell your first item online within the first 24 to 48 hours.

 Here are those Links Again: (for your FREE store) (for FREE drop-shipping items) I wish you the best of luck!! 

I am a 34-year-old mother of three children. We are Native Vermonter’s. I own my own store and have finally made my first sale! I also have a passion for writing and love being able to tell others about different opportunities. I Love to be able to tell my readers the truth about everything, I just believe there is to many lies out there for the “newbies” to weed through, and I believe in a full honest dis-closer for my readers. ================================================

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Heart Disease In Woman

Every day more and more woman are diagnosed with one form or another of heart disease. Most woman don't think about it, either they are too busy or they just don't think they are old enough to have to worry themselves about it. But they need to start thinking about it and be serious with their health especially regarding their heart. 

Cardiovascular (heart) Disease develops over time and many times the symptoms go unnoticeable and the consequences can be life threatening. Taking the time to learn about the signs and symptoms could be what   it takes to save yourself or even a loved one. It only takes a few minutes to learn the causes of cardiovascular disease, and you need to know the consequences of the disease are eternal. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that heart disease is the third most common killer in woman between the ages of 25 and 44 years old and the woman who suffer from a heart attack but live, the majority don't ever fully recover.

Worldwide, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death among woman, and cardiovascular disease doesn't care what your race, religion or ethnicity is. According to the Woman's Heart Foundation, African American and Hispanic woman are twice as likely as white woman to suffer from a heart attack and over 30% more likely to suffer from heart disease in general.

Woman are more likely then men to have a stroke and about 100,000 woman a year under the age of 65 suffer from a stroke. One of the biggest contributors to a stroke in a woman is smoking. The American Heart Association says that woman that smoke have an increased risk of having a stroke 19 years earlier then a nonsmoking woman.

Another major contributor to heart disease is hypertension. A large majority of men and woman over the age of 55 suffer from hypertension but woman suffer the most.

Knowing the causes and prevention of heart disease could be the factor that saves your life.

The following links will bring you to more information, And I highly recommend that you read it.

Treatment of Heart and Vascular Disease in Women

Cardiovascular disease isn’t only about the heart. Women are affected by a range of cardiovascular diseases. Often, cardiovascular disease in one part of the body puts a woman at higher risk of cardiovascular disease elsewhere in the body. That is, if you have heart disease, you are also at greater risk of stroke, for example. The best way to fight back is to understand how cardiovascular disease forms and how you can control risk factors. Having the wrong information can be just as dangerous as having no information. 

Please Educate yourself to save yourself.