Monday, March 18, 2013

Writing For Experience Helps You Make Money

Recently I talked about using Elance as a freelancing platform for writing to earn money online. Today I am going to discuss another method of writing that will help you sell yourself on Elance.

Being published, even if it is only one article, will help the employers on freelance sites like Elance with their decision to hire you. If you don't already have a portfolio already, then now is the time to start building one. 

I highly recommend signing up for You won't get paid for the articles you submit there, but it will help you understand the submission process and build your confidence as a writer when you receive emails saying that they have published your articles.

This is one of my articles that I have had published there.I have a couple others also.

The best part of having published work is that I have a place to send potential employers and private clients, so they can view my writing style, skill and how good or bad at writing I am. 

Also you build a network on, and you are able to advertise for private clients, which can expand your client base and grow your bank account.

You’ll receive free bonus self improvement e-books and/or audio downloads just for signing up! At you’ll find articles, videos, website directories, a calendar of upcoming events, a store, and more – all dedicated to helping you improve your life in whatever area you wish.

Moreover, your free account lets you make an interactive experience, where you can submit your own content, chat live with others, even create an “expert page” about yourself and your business! Expand your online presence, promote your products and services to the largest self improvement audience on the web, and network with other top experts in a variety of fields.

I hope to see you join and see what it can do to help you grow yourself and your business as a freelance writer!