Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do You Want To Have Your Own Online Mall?

I own an online mall or shopping center. Margo's Online Deal's! It has 40 of the TOP online stores in it ranging from Sears to Claire's, even GameStop. There is so much to offer to people that want to buy online. Every store offers discount coupons on shipping or on your total order. I receive a commission anywhere from 9% to 45% from the sales that I get. Each store pays me different amount of commission. This is a life time business and it does cost money. I paid $199.00 for my mall! But they do all the work from building the site for me, getting the stores, and lifetime hosting. I get paid once a month.

Owning your own store online is a great idea especially since mostly everyone shops online these days and by shopping online they save a TON of money, not just because they don't have to spend gas but also there is less wear and tear on their vehicle and they get much better discounts by shopping online.

The catagories that I sell in are Top Deals, Fashion, Children's Clothing, Electronics, Music, Home and Garden, Health and Beauty, TRAVEL, Kids Toys and Much More!!

If your interested in buying your own store you can go to http://unitedtechconsulting.com (I do NOT receive ANY MONEY for sending you to them!!!!)

If you would like to go shopping and you want the best deals around then you came to the right place. This is definitely "YOUR ONE STOP SHOP"!!! Go to MARGO'S ONLINE DEALS TODAY!!!!!

I thank you in advance:)