Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You Looking To Make Money Online? Part 1 of 3

This is part One of Three: Please Read all 3, as I am hopefully going to present three different options that everyone will be able to find one they would be excited to be a part of!
Part 1 AEPD
Are you looking to make money online? 
Are you fed up with all the different scams out there?
Do you have a hard time believing that anything is real?

I know that I have had a difficult time with all of these things. I think something is real and I get scammed. So I have started to do my research. And since then I have actually came across a few things that are completely 100% real. 

These are things that I myself an involved in and because of this I am willing to tell others about them. 

The first business that I want to share is one that I have had the pleasure of joining. I feel like it is an honor that this company allows people to join them.

They offer success. I mean real success for anyone who wants it. Their goal(s) are to help other people succeed. To help us reach our goals.
                        If you want to:
   1) Save more money, actually have a saving's account
   2) Make more money, a substantial amount more
   3) Get out of Debt and/or
   4) Have Time Freedom

Then Advanced Professional Development is worth you taking a little bit to check out. AEPD is a membership based company that sells subscriptions to a Professional Development, Personal Growth and Office Productivity Series, this is done through an online course and you are taught by certified instructors.

There are two levels of membership with AEPD.
Level 1)      Customer membership – you have access to courses 24hrs/ 7 days a week from any broadband internet connection. Simply login and begin your training. Train as long and as often as you need

Level 2) 1)      Referring Customer membership- Includes everything in the Customer membership in addition you can “ Earn While You  Learn” by referring other customers or Referring Customer to a “Free Replicated Website that is included for all Referring Customers. There is no additional cost to be a Referring Customer.

All of the members have 24/7 access to over $25,000 of online courses taught by certified instructors for $99.99 month.

The system used with AEPD is a very simple four step system that anyone can do: Get started; Get Trained; Refer; Duplicate.

How you get paid is simple.
 When you sell the membership the first month for $129.99 you make $100.00 and you make $100.00 Fast Start Commission each time you sell a membership whether it is a Customer membership or a Referring Customer membership.
              Sell 10 – Make $1000.00
              Sell 20 – Make $2000.00
              Sell 40 -  Make $4000.00
      You also make money when your Personal Referring Customer sells a membership. You make $100.00 Fast Start Override each time they sell a membership. In fact we pay 5 more levels for a total payout of $115.00 of the $129.99 on each first month’s sale.
 You also get residual income, which in case you don't know is being paid for doing a job you did once, but you continue to make money from that job.

AEPD pays 70% through a 5 X 7 Forced Matrix where we pay 10% on all 7 levels equaling $10.00/monthly on each of the 7 levels. That is $70/m out of the $99.99/per month membership paid back to Referring Customers!!!!
An Example:
If you have 50 Referring Customers @ $10.00/m = $500/m
                 500 Referring Customers @ $10.00/m = $5,000/m 
                 1000 Referring Customers@ $10.00/m= $10,000/m
              ***as long as they are within your 7 levels of pay.***
So as you can see AEPD helps you have a business, helps you learn to run a business, teaches you everything they know, and that you need to know AND is your business if you want it to be. 
What they offer far exceeds that of any other company I have come across in my entire time on the internet, looking for work.
If you are serious, extremely serious about getting out of debt, about being successful, and you want to reach those goals within a year or less, then you need to take a VERY SERIOUS look into Advanced Professional Development!
If your interested, do not hesitate! GO TO THIS LINK BELOW TODAY!! NOW!!
This could be the first day of the rest of your life!!!

Margo Johnson Website:

(if you need more information feel free to email me @
I look forward to getting to know you and bringing you aboard!
                              ***TO YOUR SUCCESS!!***
Part 2 of Are you looking to make money online will follow