Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Online Business

For the last few months I have been on a nonstop search for a way to earn an income on the Internet. I know it can happen, but it just doesn't seem to be happening for me.  It seems like the harder I try the more difficult it becomes to find something that actually going to work.

I spend about 15 hours every single day on the computer, searching, posting ad's, posting links, writing articles, reading emails, sending emails, watching videos, and taking people's advice.

I don't think there's anything that I haven't tried.  I have signed up for every survey company you can think of, spent hours upon hours filling out surveys, taking quizes, and answering trivia questions. 

Once I realized that there was no money to be made with surveys, unless I wanted to do them for the next 20 years, I moved on to become an affiliate for click bank.  Again I spent hours upon hours and weeks posting links and ads for different products that I felt passionate about.  When I wasn't in posting, I was researching, learning and questioning different aspects of marketing.  To this day, my click bank account still sits at a balance of zero.

On December 03, 2012, I opened an online store called Margo's Online Deals.  This store, more a virtual mall then a store really, as it consists of 40 of the best online stores.  The stores range from Wal-Mart to champion, macy's to UMI, Microsoft and Beyond the Rack.  You can literally find everything that you need from fashion, home and garden, health and beauty, sports, electronics and all of travel needs from rental cars to airplane flight.  You would think that with a variety like this I would be getting traffic to my site, especially since I have advertised everywhere from social media sites, to craigslist, to safe lists.  In my first month, I had a total of 95 visitors to my site and I made a total of $0.00 in commission.

I am an affiliate with paydotcom, payspree, JVzoo, Rap Bank, and commission junction. At the time that I signed up to become an affiliate with all the above, I was taking an online course to learn 10 different things that I can do online to make money.  I settled on the first one which was global data entry.  Global data entry is just a fancy way of saying affiliate marketing.  I spent three entire days with about 4 hours of sleep a night studying my butt off.  I followed the videos step by step, pausing them as I went so that I could immediately implement what I was learning.

To be quite honest I think my problem with affiliate marketing is that I don't have my own web site.  All I do have is a few websites at webs.com and another at wix.com.  Webs.com is actually a wonderful place to make unlimited web sites for free, but everyone tells me that it is very difficult to get traffic to a sub domain.  My wix.com site started out as a Bio but I have updated to discuss a business that I actually enjoy and started on January 1 2013.

SFI (strong future international) has been a godsend.  SFI has been online for 14 years, and is owned by a company that is 26 years old.  SFI as a marketing group and as an affiliate I have my own web site called triple clicks.  There are six different ways to earn with SFI.  This business is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, they say it takes a solid year to see a good steady residual income from SFI.  They offer everything you need to have your own business at no expense, although if you do spend a little money, you will make more commissions.

Within 48 hours I had made it to Executive Affiliate.  The day I started, 3261 other affiliates also joined.  Upon joining as an affiliate with SFI you are entered into a challenge that lasts for 6 rounds and over the next year prizes are distributed to those still there. At the end of the year ONE affiliate, still standing, that has completed and qualified will recieve many amazing prizes.  That E365 challenge is a way of motivating new affiliates to succeed.  I am currently in round four of six, and am number 34 of 177 affiliates that are still qualified in this competition.  I have two personally sponsored affiliates beneath me and 14 cosponsored affiliates also.

Every month, you need to get 1500 versapoints to qualified for commissions.  The commission's you receive are based on your affiliate ranking and any sales you or any of your sponsored affiliates have made throughout the month.It will take awhile for me to reach a substantial monthly income.  I am willing to give it all I have for at least one full year before I give up.

To be honest, out of everything I have found online, this really is one of the very few legitimate free business opportunity's.  And it is the only one that I have found that actually provides everything you need to succeed.  They literally haven't left anything out.

I am looking for business partners to join me in SFI.  If you want to get a little more information about this outstanding, legitimate, free, real business opportunity then please take a few minutes to check out my site with SFI (Strong Future's International).

Also if you're a business that sells products that can range from anything digital to media, clothing and jewelry, anything at all, you can become a member of triple clicks, which is a partner company to SFI.  As a business if you were to join triple clicks, you would be joining has an ECA, E-commerce associate, you would still join as a member, the only difference is that you would need to fill out an E-commerce application, it takes about 48 hours to be accepted, And it doesn't cost anything for you to list your products either.  The way it works, is you go and post unlimited items,  and  have many of over 500,000 SFI affiliates promoting your products for you.  Once we sell your products, we notify you, you ship the product to the customer, and you pay triple clicks 15% of the sale.  Of course, more affiliates, would be willing to promote your product or products if you were to pay a little better than that but that also depends on the product even if you paid up to 20% you're still not lose anything.  Like I said free to post, free to joining as an ECA, no advertising fees for you because we do it all while you worry about other things.  Click here ECA E-Commerce Associate.

I also, am promoting and actually making money from another program too.This program is also free to join, and probably the most simple.  You literally go to the link, putting your e-mail address and hit send.  Once you receive your confirmation e-mail you go to their website, which is actually now yours, filling your personal information such as name, address, phone number, Paypal account address and update.  Once your information is in you go too the offers tab and choose one or more trial offers for a total credit of 1.00.  Most offers are free and all offers are from fortune 500 companies.  Once you have signed up for your offer, and you're account has been credited, you are ready to receive $20.00 payments over and over, daily.  The $20.00 payments are referral payments and you would be considered an Internet referral agent.  This is working at home, and can be done when you want, for as long as you want, and the more people you tell the more money you make.  There is also a bonus aspect to this program that can turn your $20.00 payments in to residual payments of up to $90.00 monthly, this is per referral.  The only thing that you need to do with this program is advertise.  Basically posting ads in free classifieds, social media sites and word of mouth is a good place to start.  For more information go to Laid Off To Paid Off.

A few social media sites that I personally use are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Live Journal, Apsense, ,Google + and IBotoolbox.  These are only a few and everyday I tried to sign up to another one.  It is very important though that you start each site, building a relationship with others and not just going there to advertise.  IBO tool box and Apsense are business social media sites so it is acceptable to post your links, adds, and articles about your opportunity.

I hope you got something out of this little blurb of my rambling, and I really hope that you do take a few minutes to check out the links.

Ooops, TripleClicks, by the way, isn't just for businesses.  If you have a bunch of clutter in your closets, or packed garage, or absolutely anything that you want to sell you can sell it on triple clicks by just becoming a free member, no need to fill out the ECA application to do this.  Click here to just join as a member, A FREE member of TripleClicks. 

I think I am going to start my E-book today.  I haven't quite decided if it is going to be about a way to make money or something that is relevant to everyday life of an Internet marketer so I will write to you all again very soon. I will keep you updated and there's no need to worry, everything I post about is 100% legit, as I pride myself on my honestly and integrity. Have a great day.