Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making Money Online w/a Bonus

"Great thing happen to those who work for it,..if you want to succeed you must jump in feet first so that you land right side up!"

This is what I live my life by. I am going to succeed! I am going to accomplish what I set out to do whether it is writing online for someone else, or selling items on the internet or writing my first e-book.

Success isn't handed to you, well not to most of us anyways. The majority of society has to work for it and some of us have to work harder then others. It seems like there is always a brick wall and that the constant struggle of breaking through it can almost be too much. 

I know I am not the only person out there that is looking for a way to make REAL money working online. I don't mean a few dollars that you can make from spending an entire month on the internet filling out surveys. I am talking about the amount of money that it takes to pay bills. Money that we can all be proud of making. 

There are always tons of new emails in my account promising me riches if I follow their plan, if I sell their product, if I spend my money on advertising what they have then I will make money. It hasn't happened yet! I advertise all over the place, craigslist, free classifieds, all of my social media sites, I write about them and post articles and I haven't made a single red cent.

I know that there are ways to really make money online. I know there are people out there everyday earning incomes, where am I going wrong?

What am I doing that isn't working? EVERYTHING! 

I am looking in all the right places and doing my research. I am trying hard, harder then I have ever tried at doing anything.

I spent my entire day like I do every other day, and like I have been every day for the last five months. Today I applied to write for about ten different companies and of course it is going to take anywhere from four to eight weeks to get a response. 

I also went back to clickbank, and payspree and all of the other merchant account I have and looked at the big fat $0.00'ssss in my accounts. 

Everyone says that its all in the list's,..well maybe that's my problem,...I don't have a list. Some people say you have to have a website, and although I do have a couple apparently they won't work because they are FREE websites, others tell me I don't need a website. 

So what is it?
Do I need a product or don't I?
Do I need a website or not?
What about a list?

All I want to do is make some money. And no I don't have an unrealistic expectation about making millions,...just enough to help me get by one would be nice.

I will still spend everyday advertising for someone else, I will still spend every minute of my time plugging away and hoping to someday get somewhere, but in the back of my mind i will be asking myself "Should I just give up?, Should I just walk away?"

And the whole time I my asking myself this, I still be doing what I am doing, because even though it isn't working, doing nothing at all won't work either.

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