Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You Looking To Make Money Online? Part 2 of 3


The 4BDO (For Big Dogs Only) is an Instant Income Down-line Feature, this is 'The Deluxe Edition.'

This Instant Income Feature was created for use by all 4 Big Dogs Only Independent Associates and has the ability to have as many people as you like promoting for you usually within 72 hours. 

The Instant Income Feature is a supply of people who we have screened and are ready to go and start promoting for you. How does it work. It works similar to a Pay it Forward program but, only for a  fraction of the cost. How does it benefit you? 

Each new associate that you buy in will have your email and/or username at #1. This means everytime that the new associate makes a sale you get paid and the more associates that you have promoting for you with your email/username at #1 obviously the more money you can make and it could happen much quicker than trying to do it all yourself. 

You can literally have a whole group promoting for you with your email/username at #1 within 72 hours. But we have also added a safety net for you. We strictly monitor all activity on all of our webpages. 

What this means for you is we will monitor the people that you buy in. We already know that even though we are screening each individual candidate to use in this feature, that there are times that people may not do anything.
So, we are giving you a safety net. What this means for you is, if after paying the way for an associate to join you and if after one week of joining with you we see that they are less than productive, we will add a new associate to you of course with your email/ and or usename at #1. We will do this for each associate that you buy in using The "Instant Income" feature. We have been at this for about 15 years now and we know of no other company that offers that safety net.

It costs $50 ($25 x 2) to become an Independent Associate for 4BDO Deluxe Edition.

4BDO offers eerything you need to get going and to get your self promoted.
They offer 
-The Instant Income Downline Builder" You At #1 On As Many Pages That You Choose Within 72 Hours. 
-Free Safelist Advertising
-Premium Advertising
-Free Classified Ad Placement 
-Free List Builders  
-Progress Tracking and Downline Communication

Now as you can see the potential to make a lot of money and FAST is there with 4BDO. If you are looking for a fast way to make quick money then this might be for you. But keep in mind, if you want to make steady money on a residual basis then you need to look at something different, something more like AEPD.

Now if you would like to look into this further please feel free too by following this link.