Sunday, February 3, 2013

Did You Know You Could Build Your Own Online Store For Free!

Written By: Margo Johnson

Have you ever had a dream of owning your own store? Maybe you have a passion for selling but the cost of owning a “brick and mortar” business is too much and you didn’t know where you were going to get your products to sell.

What if I told you that there is a way for you to start your own e-commerce business with ZERO cost? Would you jump on the opportunity?

 ~How to start your own e-commerce business with Zero cost.~ 
Internet Marketing & e-Commerce By Hanson, Ward A./ Kalyanam, Kirthi

If you are interested in starting your own store online then I highly recommend going to and signing up. It is completely free to join and you can list an unlimited amount of items for sale. The process is simple, you join the company, confirm through email and then start building your store. They provide you with everything you need.

 ~How To Set Up Your Store.~ 

After you confirm that you’re the one that signed up for an account with Web store, you log in. Once your logged in, you want to make sure you fill out your profile and then go to the “My Store” tab. The website has it broke down into pages for you and you start by naming your store.

Then you just very simply go through the different pages and fill in the information it asks for. It is the absolute most simple process I have come across yet. The very last page that you set up is your store “Rules”. This is probably the hardest part to do, only because you want to make sure you cover things like refund policies, and the rules for your auctions, such as how long a winner of an item has to pay for the item, before the item gets reenlisted. Once this is done, the hard part of “building” your store is done.

 ~Adding Items For Auction Or Sale~

 This has got to be the easiest platform for adding your items that I have ever come across. You click on the “Selling/Sold” tab and then choose “Easy List” or “Advanced List”. You give your item a title, then pick a condition such as “New” or “Used” and then add a description, make sure to be honest with your customers, because if there is something wrong with an item that doesn’t mean they won’t buy it, BUT you will have problems if they do and you were not honest about the condition. Make sure you add pictures because that makes for much easier sales.

 After that’s done you decide whether you want to sell the item at a “fixed price” or “send to auction”, then add a price, add shipping amount and conditions, such as where you will or won’t ship to and click “List”. Your Done! You just listed your first item! Now rinse and repeat! Just keep following those steps until you have all of your items listed.

 ~Fixed Price And Auction~ 

 You can sell your items at a “Fixed Price”, which is where the customer pays what you want, or you can “sell at auction”. I recommend selling at auction BUT also setting what is called a “BUY NOW” price. Doing it this way, you will set a starting price for the auction (set the starting price for your absolute bottom dollar that you are willing to accept, on the item) and then you will set a price for the customer to buy the item now which is the “BUY NOW” price I mentioned.

 Some people don’t want to wait to see if they can “win” the item and would rather pay the buy now price then to take the chance that it will cost them more, and if others are bidding on it and someone comes along that just has to have the item,then there’s a great chance you will get your asking price. That’s what you want really anyway isn’t it?
Gale E-Commerce Sourcebook By Gale (COR)

 ~What If You Don’t Have Your Own Products?~

 If you don’t have your own products there are many different places online that you can go to get your products. This is called Drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is a great way to make money But keep in mind that you won’t always make BIG money on each item with this method, but because chances are there is more than one of each product you can make that same amount over and over, sale after sale.

There are quite a few different drop-shippers that you can use, almost all of them are a monthly cost to you. I found one that allows you to sell over 40,000 of their items for free.

All you do is sell the item, pay them for it and keep the profit. If you’re a beginner or have limited finances then this is the route I recommend that you take. You sign up for a free account at

 Make sure you already have your store set up because it is going to ask the URL of where you are going to sell their products. Once your sign up is complete you have access to over 40,000 items. Start listing their items in your store and start advertising. Getting people to see your store is going to be the key to selling.

 ~What if you want to sell more items~ 

If you want to sell more items than I recommend doing one of two things or even both of these things. Once you have your account with product sourcing you can list the items in your free Web store But, you can also list you items at eBay and sell them there too. I recommend doing this but keep in mind that eBay has a listing fee for the items. You also have another option with Product Sourcing and that is paying a monthly fee of $35.95 so that you have full access to all of their products which is over 1,000,000 items.

 So I would recommend that once you get to a point financially that you upgrade but until then 40,000+ items should be enough to start you off on the right foot. There are more drop-shippers then just product sourcing, and searching google for the best deal is always a great idea.

The reason I recommend using product sourcing is because you can start making money with absolutely no cost to you. Setting up a free store and using items that are free to list is perfect for the beginner, and definitely a great way to start making some good money.

Keep in mind that you won’t get rich over night but you will make money.

I started my web store for free two nights ago, I signed up for an account at product sourcing for free, and I have an account with eBay also.

Last night I got an email, I had made my first sale!! After months and months trying to make money online I finally made my first $24.95!! No it’s not $100 BUT it is a start and it gives me the motivation to keep at it. It gives me more reason to not give up. If you’re struggling to make money, like I have been, if your eager to make your first $1 online, then don’t wait any longer!

Build your own store and sell your first item online within the first 24 to 48 hours.

 Here are those Links Again: (for your FREE store) (for FREE drop-shipping items) I wish you the best of luck!! 

I am a 34-year-old mother of three children. We are Native Vermonter’s. I own my own store and have finally made my first sale! I also have a passion for writing and love being able to tell others about different opportunities. I Love to be able to tell my readers the truth about everything, I just believe there is to many lies out there for the “newbies” to weed through, and I believe in a full honest dis-closer for my readers. ================================================