Thursday, February 7, 2013

Would You Be Interested In Being an Amazon Associate?

There are many different affiliate programs that you can be a part of on the internet. You can be an affiliate for Clickbank, or Paydotcom, or Payspree or virtually ANYTHING! Just about any person or company that sells a product or a service online has an affiliate program. 

A very common and quite lucrative program to be involved in is Amazon. With Amazon you become an associate and they provide you with all the tools you need to promote them. You get banners, widgets for your websites and blogs and you even have access to have up to 100 aStore's that you can name and promote. These aStores can all have different items in them and you set up how they are configures. You can embed them into your website or just link them to your website as a stand alone store. The products you would be promoting are everyday things like clothing, phones, music, electronics, and more. and your store can be just a music store, or just a clothing store, but whatever the customer who goes through your store buys, even if it isn't an item in your store, you get paid for because they went through your link to get there.

As an amazon associate you have many different things you can promote and a couple different programs that as an associate you are eligible for. As I said above you can have an aStore, but you can also just promote specific items by putting links on your page or website, or blog.

You can also be what they call an Amazon Supply Associate, as an amazon supply agent you would earn 8% to 15% on referrals to and you would be referring business's and consumers to products like lab and scientific supplies, metalworking tools, measurment and inspection tools, raw materials, fastners and more. The brands you would be promoting are 3M, WD-40, Go-Jo, Wheaton and hundreds more. 

Another bonus of being an Amazon associate is that you can also implement the amazon wireless program into your business. Amazon associates can earn up to $50 PER REFERRAL to Amazon wireless sells products such as Blackberry's HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson (and more)with service plans from the four major carriers; Sprint, At&t, T-Mobile and Verizon, they also offer incentives to the shopper such as two day shipping.

To become an Amazon Associate just go to and click on the associates link. Once you apply it may take a day or so for your approval, keep in mind that they would really rather you have your own site or blog, but making a facebook page or group will work as well, once you have your acceptance you can do whatever you like and you can even have your astores, so there is really no need for a bunch of other sites, BUT the more you have the more money you will make.  

As long as you promote your links and/or aStore you should be able to make money pretty quickly with Amazon as they are one og the biggest ecomerce sites on the internet.

Good Luck and Happy Selling:)