Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Review Of Triond And A Suggestion For Those Looking To Make Money.

Yesterday I spent many hours submitting articles on a publishing site called Triond.
Triond is one of the many publishing sites that allows you to publish original work and get paid a fee.
They have many rules around publishing the articles. One of the rules, that they are very strict about, is duplicate articles. Duplicate articles are any article or blog that you may have posted prior on any web site, even if the website or blog was your personal site. (Triond TOS)
I got rather frustrated, as every time I submitted an article, within a matter of a millisecond my article was declined. Instantly!
There wasn’t any time for anyone, not even a robotic editor, to actually read my articles.
The following is what I got for a response as my article went from ‘submit’ straight to ‘declined’, again within a millisecond.
“The article that you have submitted does not contain a sufficient level of writing quality for publication on our sites. We do not have an appropriate location for your article and will not be able to publish it.” (
I started to get very upset and went looking for answers. I wanted to figure out how they decided whether or not an article is written in a quality that is meant for publication on one of their many websites without them reviewing the article first.
My first step in getting an answer to why my quality, original work, was being declined without so much as the proper read through, was the ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page.
Upon entering the contact us page I was presented with a box, or actually set of boxes, with the words ‘IDEA’, ‘QUESTION’, ‘PROBLEM’ and ‘PRAISE’ across the top.
The first box simply states “Describe your question”, and as I typed in my question a bunch of suggestions started to fill the bottom of the page. And I was asked if I found the answer to my question down below. I clicked No and continued to fill out the boxes. The second box that asks you to ” Sum it up with a short title”, I simply stated “Why are my articles being declined?”, And then, there’s yet another box asking to “add more detail” at this point I hit continue and was brought to another page where I received a simple reply “Thanks for the Feedback!”
I’m still waiting for their e-mail response my question.
I’m so glad that on the last page they make a suggestion that you can either A) check out the question you posted or B) see what other customers are talking about in the Triond community. Of course at this point I was frustrated and quite intrigued with the other community members had to say about Triond.
As soon as I got to the page I was absolutely blown away, questions like “why can I login?” or “how does my revenue even work?”, with the first things I saw and that was under frequently asked question. But being me, I wanted to check out the common problems section, LOL. The very first common problem listed was “Immediately declining all articles for level of writing quality.” That was followed with 115 replies the last one being from the moderator of the group.
It seemed that many people are having the same exact issue and the only thing that the moderator or employee as he calls himself said and I quote ” Please start a new thread.” Or, “Please start a new thread in which you state your issue and username and do not hijack other people’s the threads.Thank you.” This continued to go on for every single complaint that I read throughout the entire forum. Never once did it seem like anything was actually being dealt with.
Other members were discussing this amongst themselves and discussed nothing but their dissatisfaction with Triond and the method that Triond uses to resolve any internal issues.
The majority of the threads in the forum that were posted were either regarding instantaneous deletion of quality, unduplicated, completely original writing, or lack of payment and reasons behind it.
The lack of payment from Triond definitely seem to be the second largest issue amongst the authors/members. Many of the members haven’t received payment for six months are more and those that have received payment have noticed a huge decline in their commission that they’re being told from Triond comes from Apsense. The average amount that the members are being paid is 1¢ for every 1000 views. In one of the discussions, a member stated that he had over 130,000 views and had made 32¢ to for his commission payment that entire month.
It is quite obvious that over time Triond has lost much of the respect they had gained from its members.
How is anyone supposed to make any money or build a portfolio of their writing if everything they write is either declined or they receive such a minuscule amount of pay for their hard work?
I took it upon myself to comment on a few of the forms threads, letting people know that the blame and lack of pay was not on the shoulders of Adsense. As I stated in an earlier blog, Adsense pays quite well with the proper keywords and page design. I made sure to mention this because it seems as though Triond was blaming the huge decline in pay to the members on Adsense. They stated that Adsense wasn’t paying as well per click and that the reason behind that had to do with the quality writing coming from the members of Triond, so because of this they have had to switch to pay per view.
I’ve yet to receive a reply to my question that I posted yesterday, and it’s been over 24 hours. I am quite curious what their reasoning will be for the denial or should I say declination of my articles.
Once I was done reading through over 60 pages of complaints or problems all based around lack of pay and declined articles I decided to read an e-books that I have. This E book is called “Jobs At Home Revealed”. I have all PLR and MRR rights to this ebook and am willing to give the ebook to any one of my readers that would like it. I highly recommend reading it.
If you’re looking for a way to really make some honest money then this book will show you where you can do that.
“Jobs At Home Revealed” discusses many different types of jobs that are legitimate and if ranges from the virtual assistant jobs, freelance jobs, to paid writing jobs. I took the time last night to actually go through the entire ebook, and checked out all of the links that were in this ebook. They really are all legitimate, verifiable money-making opportunities for anyone regardless of age, race, religion or background. The recommendations made are recommendations that I myself am actually going to follow.
One of the places they recommended that a person go to if they’re interested in being paid to write is Digital Journal is always looking for quality writers who are willing to cover news stories and many other topics. You would be paid on a performance based revenue sharing system.
Now these are only a very very few of the different options for you to check into. They also list forums that you can be paid to write for, blogging platforms that pay and they specify top paying companies that offer blog based projects and tasks. One of the top companies they listed is Smorty. Smorty pays $6.00 per post and an increase in your payment as the popularity of your blog grows. So if you are to write five, quality blogs per day, you would make $30.00 in the very beginning and as time goes on and traffic increases you will receive more pay. I think anybody could post five blogs in a day easily. I’m sure there are words limits as they can’t just pay you $6.00 to post 200 words, but if you have a couple hours to spare throughout the day you could easily make some money.
I did not write this to completely deter people from joining Triond, but my intention was to make sure that you are quite aware of what you’re getting into before you do it. Before you join anything do yourself the due diligence of research, know exactly what you’re going to be paid before you start.
Again as I stated above, I am willing to give any of my readers the ebook ” Jobs At Home Revealed” if you would like it, as I really think that the benefit to many is great. There are more than 30 different legitimate ways to earn money listed in this book and they’re not all writing.
If you’re interested in receiving this ebook pleased comment with your name and e-mail address or send me an e-mail at and make sure that you put in a subject line exactly what you’re looking for as I get many emails daily. I promise I will not spam you.
As always, if you have any comments or questions, please post them and I will do the best I can to get back to you promptly. Have a wonderful day.