Sunday, February 10, 2013

Help Me By Letting Me Help You!!

Everyday seems more and more lonely, I feel more isolated from the real world, more withdrawn into myself. Maybe it's not healthy to be like this but I have to remember my goals. If I am ever going to be making the kind of money I deserve then I have to focus. I have to have the right frame of mind and and surround myself with people who have the same mindset and if I can't find others that are near that are searching for what I am then I would rather be alone, working on my goals. 

I will reach them, whether I have the support I need or not. I will reach them because I won't quit now, I won't let anyone get me down. I will reach them because I will leave myself no other choice.

One of my goals is to learn as much as I can about every aspect of working online, MLM, Home Based Business, Selling, Blogging, SEO, you name it and I will learn it all. I will learn all of it and know how to do everything so that I can teach others. One of my goals is to help others, and that goal is one I work on everyday. It might be something as small as telling someone to join Apsense, a social media site that is for people that want to start their own business or have their own business or just work online. Apsense gives you the tools you need to succeed such as surrounding yourself with people that will help you, that can guide you. Tools to help you promote your business like the ability to write articles that actually will get read, the ability to make a business center,..this is free to join and you benefit so much.

Another goal that I have that I work on everyday is my personal business with SFI (Strong Futures International). They provide you the training, marketing, tools and support and will never cost you anything. They are the only home business that I know of that will always be 100% FREE and that you can really make 5, 6 and 7 figure income with. They are a long term business, definitely not a 'Get rich quick' scheme and they never do or say anything that they can't keep their word about. They provide 6 different ways for you to earn. Succeeding with SFI is easy as long as you want success.

I would have to say that my number one goal would be helping others though. I do want money and I am on my way to success, but I want to help other to be where I am going to be in 24 months. I want to teach them about a program that is helping me. A program that I promise WILL change their entire lives. Profitable Sunrise is that program, and you can start with as little or as much as you want. The minimum is $10. This is a way of turning your life around in as little as 170 days (depending on how much you can afford to invest) For me, It is going to take 24 months, I could only invest $10 but in less then 24 months I want to be able to sponsor people monetarily, for now though I will have to stick to introducing them to the program and being the one who lead them to a place that changes everything in their life. (See my blog father down the page about Reaching for the Stars)

I want to help everyone reach their goals, so could you all do me a favor and help me reach mine by allowing me to help you?